Family Business: BMMOLD - Creating High-Quality Silicone Molds for Jewelry Making

♥ Our Story ♥

♥ Our Story ♥

It all started a few years ago when my wife decided to make silicone molds for jewelry making (✿◠‿◠).

After a few months, almost all of our friends wanted the same molds my wife had. We even gave them away as gifts :) and a couple of weeks later, we decided to start a family business - BMmold.

At first, it wasn't easy - we faced various difficulties in mold production and had to figure out ways to make them more durable and of better quality. We worked hard and experimented with different materials to achieve the best quality and meet the demands of our clients.

Nevertheless, thanks to our perseverance, we overcame all obstacles and learned new lessons and techniques in mold making. Now, we make molds for jewelry out of epoxy resin that are much better quality, more detailed and longer-lasting than ever before. We continue to keep up with trends and invent new molds so that you can create unique and professional-looking jewelry.

Today, we sell a multitude of silicone molds every month and have customers from almost all EU countries and the US.

♥ We Care ♥

Every element of the mold we create has its own purpose. We understand that the master will create amazing and unique jewelry from our molds, and this gives our team the motivation to put our love and care into every element we create. We understand that every silicone mold is very important to our clients, so we pay special attention to quality and details.

♥ We're Thankful ♥

We're thankful to our customers for their support and trust, which they show us every day. We appreciate every customer and strive to make their experience with us as pleasant and convenient as possible. We're proud that our family company BMmold continues to grow and thrive, and we look forward to sharing our unique products and jewelry making experience with you.

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