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Coaster Molds For Resin Casting 2in1

Coaster Molds For Resin Casting 2in1

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🍶 Dual-Sided Coaster Resin Molds 🍶
Experience the versatility of our dual-sided coaster molds, perfect for resin casting. This innovative mold offers two distinct options for your crafting needs.

🌟 Elegance in Simplicity 🌟
One side of the mold features a smooth surface, making it an ideal coaster for your beverages. Set your cups and mugs upon this elegant, resilient surface, adding a touch of sophistication to your tabletop.

💎 Crystal-Adorned Beauty 💎
Flip the mold to unveil the other side, adorned with glistening crystals and raised edges. This interior side, designed with high borders, creates a captivating aesthetic. It serves as an exquisite base for crafting decorative jewelry pieces and trinkets.

✨ Transform and Adorn ✨
Utilize the crystal-studded side as a canvas for your creative ideas. Let your imagination flow as you craft ornate resin designs within the raised borders. This inverted configuration transforms the coaster into a stunning jewelry dish, radiating charm and grace.

🎨 Craft with Versatility 🎨
With our dual-sided coaster mold, you can alternate between a functional coaster and a dazzling jewelry dish. This adaptability empowers you to create both practical and decorative items, making it a valuable addition to your resin crafting repertoire.

🤝 Elevate Your Craft 🤝
Whether you're crafting functional coasters or intricate jewelry dishes, the BMMOLD dual-sided coaster mold delivers exceptional results. Unlock the potential of this versatile mold and let your creativity soar. Join our community of passionate creators today!

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